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“The one on one attention given to every member is amazing! The focus on all around health of ever member really makes a difference. Also the knowledge of ever coach really gives anyone the opportunity to reach their individual goals and work through any problems! Highly recommend giving them a chance to help you reach your goals no matter your age or fitness level!”

Chad Garlington

3rd Coast Movement_Home_09

“I did the launch program with Andrew as my coach. He was awesome and made me feel super comfortable, as I learned all the things I needed to know before jumping into the classes. I really liked how he showed up for me for my first class. It helped ease any jitters/ anxiety about about the first day and what to do. He follows up with me often, checks to see that I’m doing good, and encourages me to show up (which I need!) The program, coaches, people and atmosphere gets a 10/10 from me! Love this place!”

Tara Mendoza

3rd Coast Movement_Home_09

“Where do I start?  I am so thankful that I have found this facility.  When I made contact with Chris (one of the owners) asking for help in my fitness and nutrition journey they were so quick to respond and set me up with my own personal trainer who gave me one on one sessions. If you get any one of these phenomenal trainers you are truly going to be happy and have the best experience and you won’t regret joining!”

Bridget Marceaux


300 East Roundbunch Road,
Bridge City, Texas 77611



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